2017 fitness training trends

A new year is upon us and along with it come the inevitable New Year’s resolutions and predictions of which fads and trends will be in and happening in the year 2017. So why should it be any different when it comes to 2017 fitness training trends? Yes, there are training methods that seem to be on a list of favorites for the new year. They do, of course, total far in excess of four, but this should start you off nicely.

High-Intensity Interval Training

This is sometimes referred to as SIT (Sprint Interval Training) or HIIE (High-Intensity Intermittent Exercise) which alternates less intense recovery periods with intense anaerobic exercise for short periods. Sessions may last anywhere from four minutes up to 30 minutes and are classified as a form of cardiovascular exercise. This form of exercise is very extreme by nature, however, and may not be for everybody. It requires not only great physical strength and stamina but an exceptional level of motivation – something not all of us are blessed with in this day and age.

Bodyweight Training

Who knew that there was a way to get physically fit, basically for free (or very nearly free)? Staying at home, or visiting a friend to share the experience, and doing your planks, lunges, squats, pull-ups, and push-ups is just the beginning of what can be done in the line of bodyweight training. Workouts involving no equipment are modifiable to suit any level of ability. With no equipment and no high level of expertise involved, and no gym membership required, it’s no wonder that this is becoming such a popular method of working out and getting fit.

Group Training

Though the benefits of group training are many, in the interest of brevity, let’s concentrate on six:

  1. It’s fun. Misery loves company and, let’s face it, exercise is not always everyone’s idea of a swinging time. Sharing it with a friend, or a number of friends help lighten the load.
  2. You signed up for it! Increasing the level of accountability increases the chances that you will actually execute the program you sign up for, particularly if you’ve paid in advance.
  3. Variety is the spice of life, and so it goes for exercise groups as well. There are so many from which to choose that you may decide on more than just one.
  4. Am I doing this right? Exercising in a controlled, trainer-led group provides better assurance that your form will be correct and that everyone involved is doing it correctly.
  5. Group exercise provides the structure that so many of us need in our exercise regime. You warm-up, you work out, you cool down. And a proper workout is a better workout.
  6. Motivation. Motivation is something that so many of us can use, particularly when it comes to physical fitness, dieting, and exercise. Everyone in the group will motivate each other and in doing so motivate themselves.

Specific Personal Training

Your physical trainer will conduct a personal assessment and come up with a program or regime that fits you to a T. It will allow you to start at a manageable pace and progress until you reach your ultimate goals. There are trainers that are qualified in specific areas of expertise and general trainers as well. For those suffering from injuries or those who want to excel in a chosen sport, a very specific personal trainer is not only advised but may be required.

Whether it’s a personal trainer that you’re looking for or someone to simply start you on your way to a new you for the new year, the professionals at Train Away Pain are at your disposal. Find out how these trained professionals can assist you with a workout routine specifically designed with you in mind.

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