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Mention the word injury to an athlete or a fitness enthusiast and you’ll immediately have their attention. The word raises not just fear but also concern solely because it can easily compromise an athlete’s performance or even end a career.

So in the midst of a fitness groove when a sporting season is underway with personal bests and records looming, an unexpected pain coming on even for a second immediately becomes an athlete’s worst nightmare. Strangely, the pain is sometimes caused by something that should have prevented it in the first place – working out. Yes, you read that right. An athlete can easily pick up an injury while working out. This should not worry you at all because 90% of all injuries that occur when one is working out can be prevented. Read to learn more.

Hamstring Strain

This is perhaps the most common type of injuries known to athletes. The injury is usually caused by improper form as well as strength imbalance. Runners are more susceptible to it because of the pressure they subject their hamstrings to. The quicker an athlete runs, the more pressure he or she puts on a hamstring because of the extended stride. The injury is pretty bad because it takes as much as 4 weeks to completely heal. Preventing it is easy. Simply focus on strength and endurance training. Fitness experts recommend use of standing deadlifts.

Ankle Sprain

Your ankle is a mobile joint. It is designed to move. But it must move in the right direction. Ankle sprains occur when your foot turns inward. This is of course, an unnatural move. It tears the ligaments located on the outer part of the angle. To prevent it or reduce the pain cause by it, observe flexibility exercises. This will easily prevent loss of strength and balance.

Bicep Tendon Rupture

They are as common as hamstring injuries. Lifting dumbbells that are heavier than you can handle is one sure way of sustaining a bicep tendon rupture. Lifting a dumbbell then dropping it suddenly will make you twice vulnerable. Preventing the injury should therefore be easy. Simply lift weights you can handle using the right technique. Be sure to have a trainer by your side.

Achilles Inflammation

Athletes suffer from inflammation from time to time. It happens when one has a weak spot at the heel. Once one picks up the injury, swelling around the tendon becomes imminent. Athletes who suddenly increase the number of miles they run or their counterparts who add inclines too quickly are at great risk of sustaining Achilles inflammation. To prevent it, be patient with your training. Follow the plan designed by a professional. Remember it takes time get fit and in shape. Remember too that when it comes to fitness and athleticism in general, patience pays.

Rotator Cuff Strain

Your shoulder joint has a group of muscles around it referred to as the rotator cuff. Repetitive motions that call for overhead movements can easily strain the muscles. This can easily lead to rotator cuff strain because such repetitive motion is unnatural for your body. It will also force your ligaments to stretch over time. It gets risker as you age because tendons degenerate. That explains why the best way to prevent the injury is to observe work out routines that will keep you in shape and fit as you age. Strength training with emphasis on repetitions is highly recommended.

Now that you know what it takes to prevent common injuries while working out, why not try our TAP classes today?

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