TAP Strength Lab provides the highest level of treatment and training to empower clients to move better and sustain a pain-free life. Using physical therapy, chiropractic care and the trademarked Train Away Pain (TAP) methodology, clients reach their full potential both on and off the field. To master a TAP workout is to master one’s own body awareness and be able to tap into their power without physical limitations or restrictions.

Our Mission

Our goal is to empower active individuals of all ages to move better through life. We give them the tools to improve body awareness, physical imbalances, increase strength and performance as well as to reduce the likelihood of future injuries. Our goal is to inspire youths, adults and seniors to awaken to a new paradigm of intelligent, functional movement. No pain. No gain. NO MORE.

Blog Posts

disc injury

How To Still Work Out With A Disc Injury

People aged between 30-50 years commonly experience lumbar disc herniation, with most of these instances being asymptomatic in nature. However, a few people also deal with chronic back pain, because of disc herniation. Some of the common symptoms include: Back…