The TAP workout is a full body workout using movements to create strength and balance from the inside out. This trademarked method was created by Dr. EJ Zebro and tested successfully over years by professional and recreational athletes. It improves one’s function, decreases pain and promotes endurance.

We do accept some insurance policies. Please call the office at 203-292-9353 for specific details.

Depending upon your condition, a TAP class can be taken 1-4 times per week. Professional athletes and competitive youths should aim for 3-4 times per week.

TAP uses the best practices of the fitness and injury prevention industry to develop state of the art routines specifically designed to decrease pain while simultaneously improving performance and endurance.

Classes are booked on our website through the mindbody portal or by calling the TrainAwayPain Westport office directly at 203.292.9353.

A drop in class is $35 dollars. A group of 10 classes is offered at a discounted rate of $25 per class.

No, at this time they are not available.

Athletic/GYM attire.

There is no age limit but the recommended minimum age is 10.

If you currently have an injury, it is recommended that you meet with a TAP certified professional who can evaluate you for muscle imbalances or movement dysfunctions. If you have a significant limitation, you should have a new patient evaluation from the doctors at Preventative Sports Medicine. You can access their information at