Betsy Osterholm


Betsy Bell Osterholm joins Train Away Pain with 30 years of training and experience in fitness, health, and corporate wellness.  

Betsy’s fascination with the human body and movement, as a dancer, led her to begin her career in health and fitness as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. Her path took an entrepreneurial route when she opened two dance and fitness studios in Branford and Madison, CT. Ten years later she was hired by a Fortune 500 company to design and run an onsite corporate fitness center and wellness program.  

During her 17 years in corporate health and wellness, Betsy’s passionate quest to help people heal and discover optimal health inspired her search for health solutions that transcended the traditional corporate health and wellness model. Her training and education took on a holistic health focus, studying numerous eastern and western approaches and healing modalities, which she integrated to evolve a pioneering corporate health and wellness program model focused on multi-dimensional health.  

Betsy has been a C.H.E.K. Certified Holistic Health Coach since 2005, specializing in assessing the relationships between diet, stress and lifestyle factors and musculoskeletal pain, performance, and health. Betsy’s mission is to discover the etiology of her client’s condition, and using a multi-disciplinary approach, educate, inspire and coach her clients on how to integrate functional nutrition and lifestyle management practices into their rehabilitation and performance programs for optimal results and health.

In addition to Health Coaching, Betsy is also a MELT Method® Practitioner. MELT is an innovative Hands-off Bodywork™ self-treatment technique that helps people get out and stay out of chronic pain by eliminating accumulated stuck stress in the connective tissue and restoring neurological balance to improve whole body efficiency and boost the body’s natural healing mechanism. Betsy was one of the first instructors to train with Sue Hitzmann, the creator of MELT in 2008, and soon thereafter integrated MELT as a self-care and ergonomic solution into her corporate health and wellness program model.  She is thrilled to be offering this effective self-treatment solution at TAP.  

Betsy’s passions are her family, dance, yoga, poetry, spending time in nature, and continuous learning and teaching.  She currently teaches contemporary dance at The Dance Collective in Westport.

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