Dr. Roopali Hall


Dr. Roopali Hall joins the Train Away Pain team with experience in a number of clinical settings and a focus in sports medicine.  She graduated from Amherst College, where she captained both the Women’s Varsity Tennis and Varsity Squash teams, leading the tennis team to a NCAA final four berth.  After spending some time on the business side of healthcare in investment banking, her passion for sport and science led her to pursue a career in sports medicine.  Dr. Hall earned her doctorate in chiropractic medicine at the University of Bridgeport graduating Summa Cum Laude and Valedictorian of her class.  She received her education in medical acupuncture from McMaster University Health Sciences in Ontario, Canada.  She has also completed advanced training in Active Release Techniques, Graston Technique and RockTape functional movement taping.  Dr. Hall’s expertise in medical acupuncture has allowed her to provide specialized support to patients across all stages of recovery, from injury rehabilitation to advancing performance goals.  In addition to working with athletes, Dr. Hall looks to actively support women post-pregnancy by aiding in their full recovery in form and function.  Dr. Hall loves the outdoors and is an avid tennis and paddle player.  Beyond racquet sports, she enjoys golf, swimming, cycling, yoga, and barre.  Dr. Hall believes in empowering her patients to take a balanced and focused approach to training for the lifelong pursuit of sport and health.

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