Lauren Leppla


Lauren Leppla is a master trainer and the Director of Operations at Train Away Pain. Lauren grew up in Fairfield and attended New York University where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science.

After living in New York for 7 years, her love of the outdoors and passion for health, fitness brought her back to her home state of Connecticut. Working with many runners and tritahletes, she designs fun and challenging programs to optimize perfomance and keep her athletes injury-free. In her free time, Lauren competes in endurance events and is a member of the Fairfield County Chorale.

Blog Posts

disc injury

How To Still Work Out With A Disc Injury

People aged between 30-50 years commonly experience lumbar disc herniation, with most of these instances being asymptomatic in nature. However, a few people also deal with chronic back pain, because of disc herniation. Some of the common symptoms include: Back…