fitness goals in 2018

2017 is about to come to an end, and with the coming of another new year ahead, it’s time to once again focus your thoughts on how to change your life through your New Year’s resolutions. More often than not, one of the things that you want to improve will involve your health because you want to make sure you stay healthy with every passing year. You may not know where to start but with the following simple tips to bear in mind, achieving your fitness goals for the year 2018 will be within reach.

Ask Yourself: Are You Ready?

It is crucial to assess your readiness for a fitness program for you to reach your fitness goals. You should consult your doctor regarding your intent to undergo a fitness program. Your doctor will be able to evaluate your health status and give you a clear answer. When you are physically ready then you have to make sure you are mentally ready as well.

Have A Concrete Plan

Your plan should include three things. The first one is your exercise schedule which you can plan accordingly. The second is the time you will spend each day to exercise. Do you want to do it for at least 15 minutes or more? Last but not the least is the type of exercise you will engage in. You have many choices including running, walking, swimming, jogging, biking, and weightlifting among others. If you join a group fitness program, then you have it easy – because most of the exercise prescriptions will be determined by the fitness training provider.

Your Goals Should Be Realistic

One of the reasons why it may be quite difficult to achieve your fitness goals is the fact that they are unrealistic. Saying things like “I should lose at least 10 pounds each week” is not a good idea. A realistic fitness goal is one that is achievable and must be safe for your well-being. It should keep you focused and motivated, not the other way around.

Exercise with A Friend

A friend, or a loved one, should be there to support you with your fitness goals. Sometimes, it will not be enough to just take their words of encouragement. It will be better if you can encourage them to take the same exercise route as you do. This will make the workout less challenging for you. When you have a partner to work out with, all you will ever want is to keep going!

Be Easy On Yourself

If you are just about to start on a new fitness program, don’t demand yourself to do as much as others who have been doing that program for years – at least this should be the case for the beginning. As a newbie, you have to make sure your body adjusts well to the program. Don’t train daily just because your friend has been doing it for so long already. Training three times a week is a good place to start. Likewise, you should not get involved in high intensity workouts because for a beginner, low to medium intensity workouts are good enough.

We hope that these tips will be of great help to achieve your fitness goals in 2018! Cheers to your success!

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