TRX suspension training advantages

The TRX Suspension Trainer was developed by a Navy SEAL named Randy Hetrick. It is a one-piece fitness tool that offer unlimited bodyweight exercise possibilities. The equipment leverages on gravity and helps users develop core stability, flexibility, balance and strength simultaneously.  When it comes to performance training, this highly portable performance training tool is infinitely scalable, you can get an effective, fun and fast full body workout anywhere. Below is quick look at some of the best benefits TRX suspension training has to offer:

The Pros of TRX Suspension Training

  • Activates different muscle groups

This particular suspension training is designed to make you use different muscle groups and move them through various planes from each exercise. Requiring great coordination, you get to improve your nervous system’s ability so that it can effectively coordinate movement and help build stronger motor patterns.

  • Work multiple planes of motion

Your body is required to move in multiple planes of motion during everyday movements. From rotating to twisting, side to side and backwards to forward. TRX suspension training allows your body to not work one but all planes in each exercise. The TRX offers stellar functionality because conventional weight machines only work one plane of motion at a time. If this happens, you may risk creating muscle imbalances that could lead to injury.

  • More opportunities to develop stabilizing muscles

To add on to the previous point, TRX suspension training does not require you to sit down too much. It gives you more opportunities to develop stabilizing muscles that are needed for improving posture and preventing injury. The TRX forces you to maintain stability by engaging multiple muscle groups at once.

  • Gives you a full body workout

Compared to other traditional pieces of equipment found in the gym, the TRX is undoubtedly superior in terms of its functionality. The fitness tool constantly causes you to use the entire body during each workout and perform a huge range of dynamic movements.

  • TRX suspension training can be done anywhere

You can train wherever you go because the TRX is just so portable. Since it weighs only two pounds, all you need is a pole, a tree or a door to mount your TRX to and you can start enjoying a great workout. Be it outdoors, in your hotel room or even in the gym. Thanks to this equipment, suspension training is suitable for anyone who travels frequently.

3 TRX Suspension Training Exercise Ideas for You to Try

  • Chest Press – This exercise requires you to face away from the anchor. You need to “dig” your toes into the floor and lift your heels. Make sure your arms are straight and your palms are facing the floor. Bend your elbows like how it’s done during a push-up.  Ensure that your elbows are in line with your shoulders. Next, the goal is to press your arms back straight by engaging your chest muscles. Try to perform 15 to 20 chest presses per set.
  • Squats – Begin by facing the anchor with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Keep your toes and knees slightly turned out and ensure that the straps are at mid-length. Now hold the handles in by your waistline while keeping your elbows slightly bent. Without leaning or rounding your back too much, lower into a squat and keep your weight in your heels. Press through your heels and stand back up. Try to perform 15 to 20 squats per set.
  • Side Lunges – Position the straps mid-length and face the anchor. Keeping your elbows bent, hold the handles and get ready. Then step out into a side lunge with your right foot out. Next, make sure that you feel the strain in your inner thigh by keeping your left leg as straight as possible. Return to original standing position. Try to perform 15 to 20 side lunges before switching legs.

Whether you want to use the TRX suspension training system for better sports performance or as a TRX rehabilitation class, Train Away Pain has the best solutions for you. Talk to us today and learn more.

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