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When we engage in sporting activities, there is a tendency to take our feet for granted, but whether you are an amateur jogger or a professional football player, caring for your feet is important. If you look after your feet, it is more likely than not you can play sports with lesser chances of foot injuries.

Wear Appropriate Shoes

With 26 bones, 33 joints and many tendons, muscles, and ligaments under constant pressure, it is important that your feet are protected by the correct footwear, respective to the sport you are playing. There are many sports shoes available to choose from and it is imperative that you wear the proper shoe when playing sports.

When out running 10 miles, there is a different type of stress on your feet, as compared to playing a game of tennis. In tennis, you play the majority of the match moving from side-to-side, while road running is often a monotonous straight-line slog. Therefore, tennis shoes would be of no benefit to the protection of your foot when running. Therefore, always get appropriate shoes which can best protect your feet for specific sports.

Avoid Arch Pain

This is a common kind of pain often associated with long periods of standing, a long walk or even just getting up in the morning. The most common pain is Plantar Fascitis, which is the inflammation of the tissue that connects the heel to the toes. This fiber is important as it aids the transfer of weights from the heel to the toe. Often, repeated strain can cause ligament tears, and it is down to a myriad of reasons, which can include being overweight, using the wrong footwear, wearing high heels and much more. One good way to help alleviate the pain is to try medical acupuncture treatment.

Listen To Your Body

When exercising you need to be aware of what your body is telling you, so if you feel pain then you should stop immediately. Experts suggest you follow the RICE routine:

  • Rest: Keep off your feet as soon as you can.
  • Ice: Using a 20-minutes on, 40-minutes off cycle and keep repeating until the pain subsides.
  • Compression: Bandage the injured area.
  • Elevate: Lie down or sit, while raising your feet so they are higher than your waist.

If the pain still continues then make sure you see a doctor.

Easy Foot Care Tips

In just one day alone, your feet absorb over 450 kilograms of force, through standing, walking and running on them. By treating your feet right and caring for them, you can bypass the pain that others get. Here are the 10 bet ways to care for your feet.

  1. Don’t ignore foot pain as it is not normal
  2. Inspect them regularly. Check for cracks and cuts in the skin and potential fungal issues
  3. Wash them and dry them properly on a daily basis
  4. Trim your toenails correctly. Straight across and not too short on the sides, which can lead to painful ingrowth toenails
  5. Get shoes that fit correctly
  6. Wear the correct shoe for the correct exercise
  7. Alternate footwear so you do not wear the same ones on consecutive days
  8. Don’t walk barefoot as you are more prone to injury and infection
  9. Be wary of home remedies for treatment of pain – see an expert if you think that you need sports injury rehabilitation
  10. If you are diabetic, get a checkup once a year

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