cardio myths

There are not many things more frustrating than jumping rope or running fervently on the treadmill and seeing absolutely no results. Not only is it frustrating, it can be depressing as well. That cardio workout was supposed to bring amazing results – or so you were told. Truth be told, little to no results from a cardio workout is not uncommon – at least when it comes to shifting fast and burning calories. Let’s examine some of the more popular cardio myths and how true they really are, or if they are just shrouded in falsehood.

The Best Kind of Cardio Is Running

The whole point of cardio is to not only speed up your heart but to have as much fun as possible with it. Running isn’t for everyone. Just because you feel exhausted at the end, doesn’t mean you succeeded in having a good cardio workout.

Nothing Is More Boring Than Cardio

If you don’t want to be bored, the solution is simple – change it up. No one wants to sit and pedal their life away on a stationary bike or walk mindlessly and endlessly on the treadmill all day. Cardio can be interesting and effective so this is really just one of the urban legends out there.

Cardio Means You Try to Stick to an Everyday Routine

No, that does not mean stick to a boring everyday routine. By routine, it simply means that you should try to stick to the same amount of time, at the same time every day. Again, feel free to change up the level, time devoted to each exercise, and type of exercise you do. But do your best to commit to a specific schedule for your cardio workout.

Different Equipment Is Required in Order to Tone Up

Yes, you can keep the boring out of your workout by changing up your cardio session’s variety of activity and the pieces of equipment on which you work out, but if you really want to build lean tissue or change the shape of your muscles, what you should consider is resistance training. Whereas cardio will likely assist in weight loss, firing up those wobbly areas and reshaping your physique should be done through combining different performance training principles.

Your Stomach Should Be Empty When You Exercise

There are any number of viewpoints on this topic, depending on who is weighing in. If you’re one of those people who wakes up refreshed and revitalized and can’t wait to take on the world, before breakfast is probably a good time to exercise. If on the other hand, you wake up looking and feeling like the walking dead, it may be best to have something light before your workout.

Too many people associate more fat loss with more cardio– this is a common cardio misconception. They calculate how much cardio they do buy a ‘calories in versus calories out’ formula. This is incorrect. Muscle breakdown and burnout can be a result of too much cardio, so the best formula is this: structured meal plans and a properly designed routine that features exercise prescriptions that are suitable for your fitness level.

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