TRX exercises for full body workout

You no longer have to work out on 20 different machines while using free weights, to get the look you want. You can get exactly the same results or even better results with TRX training. Invented by a former Navy SEAL commando, the term comes from Total-Body Resistance Exercise which focuses on your own body weight, as opposed to weights and machines. By engaging more muscle groups from different angles, you can build up your fitness effectively. Here are the 5 best TRX exercises for a great full body workout:

Single-Leg Squat

Set the straps at mid-length then make sure your elbows are just under your shoulders (as if you were flying a kite), with your right leg centered as an anchor point. Now all you have to do is place your other heel straight out on in front of you, while lowering your hips and back up and down. This is your single-leg squat. Make sure you don’t lean too far back. This exercise will help you to build stronger hamstrings while also benefitting your core. With one leg in the air, it exposes your weaknesses, adding additional stress to your muscles, as opposed to the knee and spine.

Y Fly

Put your hands above your head in a ‘Y’ position with your palms forward and tension on the TRX. Move your body down into a plank position while keeping our arms extended. By pulling on the handles while driving your fists back you should be able to raise your chest. This exercise both establishes your legs and your very core, making your arms do the work. Several muscles are working in this one movement.

Atomic Pike

Begin this exercise in a plank position. Make sure your feet are in the TRX cradles, with your hands just under your shoulders, on the ground. You are going to hinge at the hips and immediately push your backside up. The desired affect should have your hands on the floor, your head upside down and your feet opposite you, in the air, in the straps. Think of it as doing a handstand, but your feet only get two feet off the floor. While suspended in this position, hold then lower your back down again. Then repeat. Excellent for utilizing your back, core, hips, abs and shoulders!

Power Pull

Set the straps to mid-length then placing the hand you wish to begin with, on your chest. Reach with the other hand up the TRX strap and towards the anchor point above you. Now lower your shoulders and with the arm that is not attached to a TRX strap, rotate it towards the ground while the exercise hand is extended while holding the TRX strap. It’s the same movement, more or less, as a row using only one hand, however, you are adding in rotation too giving the free arm and your back a good workout.


Place one foot in the TRX strap and drive this knee back so your hips are just above the floor. Placing your hands on the ground, explode into a plank position and complete a push-up. Then maintaining your feet in the TRX strap jump up for a burpee. It will be harder but if you maintain your balance, you will get a high-intensity workout.

If you are thinking of performance training, TRX exercises are certainly worth your worth to try. Come down to TAP today and let us show you how to utilize the TRX suspension system to reach your fitness goals!

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