Train Away Pain for everyone

Irrespective of your age and fitness ability, Train Away Pain has a fitness solution for you, and our performance training program will help you hone your fitness functions while keeping injury at bay. With a dynamic structure in place, we have effective strategies to suit different types of applications, whether you are an athlete trying to improve your skills or just a senior trying to recover from pain. If you are looking to tune your fitness levels, join us on an exciting journey that will make your body work the way you desire it to perform.

Youth and Parents

When it comes to fitness, there is never such a thing as starting too young. In fact, the earlier you start your child off on training for a healthier lifestyle, you can instill the importance of fitness in them from the get-go. Parents can feel free to walk into our training sessions along with their children. This will support the child during the training sessions, as they’ll feel safe in an environment where their fitness functions can be honed. Whether it is to recover from an injury, engaging in performance training or working on rehabilitation after a surgery, youth and parents will certainly be impressed with what we do here at Train Away Pain.

High School Athletes

If you think that high school athletes have it easy, then you are wrong. Many sports training programs in schools these days have demanding training regimes and while coaches are focused on winning games for the school, they might not be paying too much attention on areas such as sports injury prevention. Also, many promising high school athletes are hoping to win training scholarships to their educational institution of their choice and that’s why high school athletes want to be in the top fitness form to attract attention of the lurking talent scouts. With the Train Away Pain program, it’s the perfect training supplement to your sports training in school.

Weekend Warriors

For people who like to engage in sporting activities during the weekends, our TAP program can address the fact that you lack sufficient workout time during the weekdays and want to make up for your fitness health in the weekends. Because of the surge of fitness activities during the weekends, it is all the more important that weekend warriors learn how to protect their body from the lack of body conditioning with the help of our TAP trainers.

Hardcore Fitness Gurus

For those of you who like to sweat it out hard with intensive workout sessions, it’s imperative to take note that your body needs routine conditioning to accelerate muscle recovery, prevent injury and alleviate any sort of pain. It can be really damaging for hardcore fitness gurus to go down with severe injuries, as that can keep them out of gym for a very long time. Train Away Pain provides practical solutions to stay away from such mishaps, and helps your body to stay in a well-toned condition.

Professional Athletes

Chances of countering an injury for a professional athlete are always on the higher side. You may experience soreness in the muscles and the joint areas, which can lead to unbearable pain, if left untreated. Sporting activities are often strenuous on the body, and professional athletes are highly vulnerable to injuries that may occur.  Whether you are looking for a complete body rehabilitation, or you require a helping hand from sports-specific training, our programs are specifically designed to cater to such needs for a professional athlete.

Competitive Athletes

Even though you are not a professional athlete; as a competitive athlete, you have the same concerns as a professional athlete. It’s always important to keep yourself free from injuries. Your training sessions might be quite random – it’s common to see competitive athletes that train intensively only in a certain quarter of the year because of an upcoming competition. Not only do you have to get your mind ready for the race, your body needs to be kept in a “battle mode” even though you might not have competitive games as often as professional athletes. TAP programs are excellent for you because we can customize the training to fit your needs and schedule.

Senior Citizens

Last, but not the least, senior citizens can also join in the fitness journey here. Just like lifelong educational learning, keeping up with your exercises can do lots of good for you – it’s not an exaggeration to say that a 60-year-old man can be as fit as a 25-year-old bloke! Our program for senior citizens primarily focuses on avoiding any injury to the muscles and bones, since they are more brittle at this age. In addition, senior citizens can benefit from leading an active lifestyle as this can have a positive effect on other areas of your health.

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