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We often see the glorious days of athletes as they compete on the national television. It’s also true that we celebrate the fruit of their many years of hard work but how often do we share their struggle and frustration from recovering from injuries?

Outstanding sports athletes go beyond realms of recovery to stand tall at where they are now. Recovering from injuries can be a painful and frustrating process, so if you are currently feeling frustrated by a sport injury, we would like to share the amazing stories of some of these famous athletes to encourage and inspire you not to give up.

Kerri Strug

A national Olympic gymnast hero, Kerri Strug, was lauded as an icon for her sporting prowess after her representation of USA in 1996 Olympic Games. In order to clinch the gold medal against Russia, Strug had to land a second vault on her feet despite an injured ankle. With her chronic ankle injury, she managed to land the second vault on her second attempt on both feet. Following her success, Strug almost collapsed and required assistance to leave the vaulting platform. However, her awe-inspiring feat of determination and sporting prowess secured the Olympic gold medal for USA and was awarded with a meeting with President Bill Clinton after her recovery.

Tiger Woods

A household name, Tiger Woods, dominated the 2008 US Open while facing a double-stress fracture to his tibia and a torn anterior cruciate ligament two weeks before the Open. He was on crutches and was unable to walk across the room, but he pursued performance training to successfully tackle 91 holes on the 19th hole of a playoff. His face was painted with intense pain during the tournament but this astonishing feat of overcoming severe physical adversity to win a major sporting event is soul inspiring.

Curt Schilling

Talking about sports injuries, who can forget Curt Schilling? Schilling, a Major League baseball pitcher, led his team to victory against the New York Yankees in 2014 whilst battling a torn Achilles tendon and ankle eversion injury. His injuries were so severe that his sock was soaked in blood by the end of the game. The Red Sox’s physician, William Morgan MD., created the Schilling Tendon Procedure while treating Schilling and named the treatment after him. Schilling attained a victorious win even when the odds were firmly stacked against him.

Emmit Smith

Suffering from a dislocated shoulder during the first half of a regular season finale against New York Giants, Emmit Smith displayed an impressive feat of sporting prowess and is definitely not a tale for the faint hearted. His injury caused a separated shoulder and severe sprain, leaving his arm with a hanging limp but this hero continued to play and led his team to victory, accruing over 160 yards during the course of the game. Smith earned his name in Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2010.

These athletes displayed an impressive deal of sportsmanship and endurance, it proves that it is possible to triumph and achieve glory even after injury. Of course, injuries are not what any sports athlete wishes for so while these stories are inspiring, it’s even better if you can learn to prevent sports injuries from the start!

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