What is sports injury prevention?

Although sports can bring a lot of health benefits to an individual, attention must equally be paid to the injuries they can potentially cause. There are injuries that are proprietary to sports such as swimming, running, and baseball. It is important that you minimize your risk of suffering injuries to prevent chronic injuries to your vital muscles. Sports injury prevention programs are specially designed to decrease your risk of injuries while techniques and tips on strengthening your surrounding muscles and joints (such as hips and knees) are shared. Through sports injury prevention, you can safeguard and protect your body with the proper usage of your muscles and joints.

How does sports injury prevention work?

Our sports physician will conduct an assessment of your levels of endurance, strength, range of motion, and flexibility. Together with your training habits and medical history, our specialist will provide you with a report outlining your most likely sports injury. Our specialist will also advise you on several key exercises to reduce the risk of injuries.

Sports injury prevention programs are often used for individuals who are currently not in their final stages of rehabilitation or injured. Clients who are in the midst or final stages of their rehabilitation should consult your physical therapist before enrolling. Such programs are most appropriate for individuals who would like to learn preventive measures during competitive sports. The trainers specializing in the different sports injury prevention programs will tell you about proper techniques such as the proper squatting and landing techniques. These two motions are frequently performed inaccurately and are the major causes of sprains on several parts of the body.

Why should i do sports injury prevention?

As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure”, why suffer the pain and consequences of a condition when it can be prevented? Sports injury prevention programs are managed by professional sports physicians who are able to advise you on the proper techniques to keep injury at bay, which can help you avoid pain and hefty treatment bills.

Do you know that weak muscles are often one of the common reasons behind sports injuries? Through sport injury prevention program, you will learn how to condition your body so that you can meet the training load of your specific sport. Resistance training will also be introduced to help you develop strength and endurance. All in all, the benefits of a sport injury prevention program are not only about injury avoidance but also about how to increase athletic performance.

Ready to Experience Sports Injury Prevention with Our Experts at TAP?

Our experts at TAP have a wealth of sports medicine experience and are able to provide you with invaluable tips and advice on how to effectively engage in sports while safeguarding your physical health. Whether it’s a sports specific injury or general sports safety, it’s always in your advantage to take a pre-emptive approach to protect your body.

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