Performance training involves the training of the mind and body in order to prepare the athlete for the rigors of a specific sport. It conditions the athlete and prepares him or her adequately to do competitive sports. The focus of the training is to enhance one’s performance in competition by using a conditioning program that helps to improve the overall athleticism which includes coordination, power, agility, and strength.

Performance Training: Our Programs

Our team of sports physicians, therapists, and trainers know how important it is for athletes to be physically prepared for competitive sports. Not only are we passionate about helping athletes avoid injuries, we are highly committed to help athletes improve their performance on the court and in the field. The key performance training programs that we offer include:

Train Away Pain

Train Away Pain (TAP) is a mindful training method aimed at allowing athletes to maximize their performance while minimizing pain. Simply put, TAP is the actionable format through which you learn the art of functional movements. It helps to push the body to gain strength wherever it is needed. The exercises involve a full body workout which helps to improve one’s function, and promotes endurance by using movements in training one’s strength and balance.

TRX Suspension Training

TRX Suspension Training is the best-in-class total-body workout system that has taken the fitness industry by storm. It utilizes a suspension trainer which leverages on the user’s body weight and gravity to complete hundreds of slow paced exercises. It can help to develop balance, core stability, strength, and flexibility in the athlete or any highly functioning individual.

Sports Specific Training

Sports Specific Training is a program that focuses on a specific sport the client engages in, training them right down to even the specific position they are playing within the sport. It is a direct and focused training program to help the athlete improve solely on what is needed for their game of sport.

Fascial Regeneration Training

Fascia can be a source of pain when there is an excess of fascia restrictions. Fascia Regeneration Training helps to improve the recovery period by introducing meaningful exercises to speed up the regeneration of fascia.

Many injuries are caused by the overuse of certain muscles or joints, also known as repetitive trauma. Injury Prevention Training helps you to gain proper knowledge and posture to avoid the injury during your game of sport, reducing the risk of overuse injury.

Exercise Prescriptions

Exercise Prescription refers to the specific fitness related plan which is specially designed to meet a client’s rehabilitation aim or fitness goal. The Exercise Prescription program is unique as every patient has different needs and fitness level, and our trainers will work with the client closely to customize different sets of exercises which will work in the client’s advantage on all levels.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our sports physicians or trainers, and let us address your fitness problems. It’s time to minimize pain and maximize performance with us at TAP!