What are exercise prescriptions?

Exercise prescription refers to a specific fitness-related plan designed to meet a client or patient’s rehabilitation or fitness goals. Usually used in scenarios combined with a comprehensive assessment, the goals of the exercise prescription should be clear with successful integration of behavioral techniques and exercise principles which motivate the patient to be compliant.

How do exercise prescriptions work?

The first step in designing an exercise prescription is to conduct a fitness assessment. A typical assessment includes examining you strength, body composition, flexibility, exercise history, blood pressure, heart rate, cardiovascular endurance, fitness goals, and more. The exercise prescription is designed and planned specially for every client as we all have different needs and body conditions. Generally, the components of an exercise prescription include the following recommendations:

  • Mode, referring to the specific sport principle, which will stimulate the desired outcome
  • Duration is the total exercise time, usually measured in minutes
  • Frequency is the number of sessions per day or per week
  • Intensity is the effort, usually measured as percent of capacity (V02max). The combination of duration, intensity and frequency produces an overload
  • Precautions are referred to the modifications in the prescription that addresses each disease process, co-morbidity or disability to make it safe
  • Recommendation are some lifestyle changes that are appropriate to the client; it usually includes stress management, target weights, recommended diet and smoking guidelines

Why should i do exercise prescriptions?

An exercise prescription can help an individual to focus and improve on a certain aspect of his body, health or skill in a specific sport. Increased general daily activity, strength training, and flexibility exercises can work together to reduce medication dependence while improving quality of life and maintaining functional independence in older adults. Studies show that exercise prescriptions help to get inactive adults moving. Advice alone is insufficient, as patients require a specific exercise prescription to help them get the best benefits.

Changes in physical activities require various motivational strategies such as self-monitoring, goal settings and emotional rewards. Through community advocacy and patient contact, sports physicians and therapists can effectively promote healthy lifestyle patterns essential for healthy aging.

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