What is fascial regeneration therapy?

Surrounding your bones, joints and muscles, fasciae is a network of layered connective tissues. Similarly, a joint capsule is a structure of connective tissues which surrounds the joints involving in optimizing the mechanical functions of the joints. There can be a decrease in blood flow, energy level and joint space leading to degenerative joint disease as well as increased nervous tissue and muscle tone when both joint capsules and fascial are restricted.

Fascial regeneration therapy refers to the stretching of fascia, and the goal of the therapy is to reduce the restrictions to allow joints and tissues move better, and avoid structural dysfunction and imbalances. Muscular fasciae bind together when there is an increased period of inactivity which will lead to stiffness and tightness, limiting the range of movement. Therapists might leverage on the use of foam rollers and myofascial stretch tools such as stretching ropes during the treatment. All in all, it is important to stretch your muscles and fascia regularly to prevent the loss of freedom of movement.

How does fascial regeneration therapy work?

A typical therapy session begins with a physical assessment and evaluation of affected areas. Our TAP specialist will then design a treatment plan especially for you, taking your health needs and fitness abilities into consideration. Traction is used to remove restrictions from movement and in order to simulate lubrication, this therapy aims to target joint capsules and the entire joint. The therapist will gently move and pull the neck, spine, arms and legs in a gentle movement through varying planes of movement. Be assured there is no discomfort and pain, and you can expect a relaxing and stimulating experience.

Why should i do fascial regeneration therapy?

Fascial regeneration therapy provides cumulative benefits but you can feel the immediate benefits right after a session. Some benefits you can expect from this treatment include:

  • Improved posture
  • Increase range of motion
  • Muscular symmetry and balance
  • Improved performance and energy
  • Improved muscle function and circulation
  • Reduced risk of injury and pain
  • Decrease compression and impingement in the joints

Ready to Experience Fascial Regeneration Therapy with Our Experts in TAP?

Practicing a client-first approach, we prioritize our client’s well-being and recovery as the main aim of the treatment. Our team of specialists is well-versed in the various methods used in fascial regeneration therapy. We dedicate a one-to-one therapy session to help you make the most of fascial regeneration.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our sports physicians or trainers, and let us address your fitness problems. It’s time to minimize pain and maximize performance with us at TAP!