What is injury prevention training?

Many injuries can be prevented or diminished with the adequate preparation, the right training knowledge and proper postures while practicing sports. Living an active athletic lifestyle without training correctly can result in tendonitis, sprains or even broken bones.

There are two classes of injuries, namely cumulative and traumatic injuries. Cumulative injuries relates to tissue damage as a result of repetitive strain over a period of time. Traumatic injuries are accidents that happen in sports or daily life. These injuries can act up and be a function of faulty movement patterns, poor posture or contribute towards improper training.

How does injury prevention training work?

Before any injury prevention training is conducted, it is important to have a physical assessment and evaluation of your commonly engaged sport or daily activity. We will advise on the type and area of injury that you might likely suffer as a result of your frequent activity. Your sports physician will then design an exercise prescription and engage you in injury prevention training which will help you to train up the relevant muscles in the posture that you should hold.

Exercises performed during injury prevention training will help you to improve your flexibility, strength, agility, balance and power. These five aspects are also the main factors of General Physical Preparedness. This will help you to respond to physical challenges in minimized harm while maintaining a baseline of fitness.

Why should i do injury prevention training?

Injury prevention training is beneficial for people of all ages, and from different walks of life. You need not have to be an athlete to benefit from injury prevention training, as all of us utilize our muscles even in our everyday life activities. Injury prevention training can help you improve your strength, flexibility, balance and power. It will also teach you on how to administer your strength effectively to achieve your desired fitness goal with the reduced risk of injury.

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