What is TRX suspension training?

Invented by a Navy SEAL commando, TRX suspension training is a total-body workout that leverages on the body weight and gravity to engage in functional movements. The term “TRX” originates from the phrase “Total-Body Resistance Exercise.” It focuses on a person’s own body instead of relying on dumbbells or machines to exercise. Using the suspension of only two TRX straps, it is an effective way to build endurance, power, strength – providing with the user with a powerful cardio and core workout. The two suspension straps allow an infinite number of exercises that is able to cater to the various fitness level of every individual effectively.

How does TRX suspension training work?

A fitness assessment will be conducted before the commencement of your training so that the trainer is able to assess your fitness level, modifying the training session to your fitness capability. The workout can often be described to be similar to simple versions of anti-gravity yoga or reformer Pilates. Each exercise done during TRX suspension training will usually have 6 to 12 repetitions when the trainer is targeting strength training while 12 to 20 repetitions will be followed if endurance training is targeted. Our team of trainers will assess your progress constantly, so that we are able to increase or reduce the workout intensity to match your fitness level. Specific body areas can also be targeted during TRX suspension training.

Why should i do TRX suspension training?

TRX suspension training was introduced to the market for less than 20 years but it is very well-received due to the effective workout benefits that users can yield. Utilizing only two lightweight suspension straps, you can get started on your training even in a small space, and you do not have to purchase any pricey or bulk equipment and accessories. Some of the benefits include:

  • Effective total-body workout
  • Improves flexibility as the exercises requires you to constantly stretch between intervals
  • Improves range of motion
  • Improves endurance
  • Better functional strength
  • Stronger core
  • Improves stability and balance
  • Easy and convenient for training with the portable TRX straps
  • Does not involve bulking up of muscles as it lengthens and not expands them. Female clients do not have to worry about bulking up as long as they are not following heavy weightlifting patterns

Ready to Experience TRX Suspension Training with Our Experts in TAP?

TRX suspension training is trending in the fitness industry today, and our trainers are proficient in helping you achieve the most dynamic results from the TRX exercises. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for TRX suspension training, but we are confident to help you benefit from suspension training that is customized to your training progress and fitness abilities.

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