Physical therapy is a set of treatment processes which are aimed at promoting functional independence and optimal health through physical means. It improves mobility and restores or improves one’s physical function and fitness. The main objective of physical therapy is to maximize patient’s quality of life while easing the patient’s daily tasks and activities, especially during recovery after an injury or surgery.

Physical Therapy: Our Treatments & Techniques

Our team of physical therapists and trainers has a high level of physical therapy knowledge, and has accumulated valuable field expertise through the years. The key programs we offer under our physical therapy banner include:

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Sports Injury Rehabilitation refers to regaining full function following a sports injury, and it often involves restoring flexibility, strength, power, and endurance. Depending on the demands of the sports, athletes are prone to injuries, therefore it is vital to engage in the right exercise to maintain stamina and strength in order for athletes to recover quickly, empowering them to resume their athletic activities.

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

The success of your surgery does not stop the moment you leave the operating theatre. Post-Operative Rehabilitation is the rehabilitation therapy that you will receive following a surgical procedure. This ensures that you are able to return to work or resume your everyday activities at the soonest possible time.

Fascial Therapy

Fascial Therapy is the stretching of fascia with the goal of returning patients to a fully functional and pain-free lifestyle. The therapist uses various techniques to encourage proper fascial line alignment and reduces fascial restrictions.  With reduced restrictions, it improves the range of motion as well as reduces stiffness and tightness of muscles.

Lower Extremity Therapy

Lower extremities refer to the lower areas of the body, including your hip, leg, foot and ankle. The lower extremities are prone and vulnerable to wear and tear as it also bears our weight in all activities. It is important to seek professional therapy for the proper treatment of any injuries in the lower extremities.

Upper Extremity Therapy

Upper extremities refer to the upper areas of the body, including the shoulder, wrist, elbow and hands. We encourage early intervention for successful rehabilitation so that the injury or disorder does not impact one’s ability to perform his everyday activities.

TRX Rehabilitation Classes

TRX Rehabilitative Classes involve suspension rehabilitative exercise; they reduce the risk of aggravating existing injury due to its suspended nature, making it favorable for rehabilitation classes. It is a slow paced exercise which helps to build endurance, strength, and range of motion without stressing your joints.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our physical therapists, and let us address your problems. Your complete recovery after an injury or surgery can become a reality with us at TAP!