What is post-operative rehabilitation?

Surgery is generally the final approach in any medical problem, and is undertaken only when the more conservative measures fail to produce optimal or desired results. However, the success of your surgery is not determined when you leave the operating theatre; it is actually the rehabilitation process that determines your recovery. The goal of post-operative rehabilitation is to return the patient to the pre-surgery level of physical function, including the successful return to work, sports, everyday life as well as recreational activities.

How does post-operative rehabilitation work?

A post-operative rehabilitation session will start with a physical assessment and analysis of your levels of pain, range of motion, strength and function. Our specialists will also take into consideration your previous sporting or fitness abilities and levels of function before discussing your individualized program to meet your rehabilitation goals. There are specific time frames for regaining range of movement and healing. An exercise-based rehabilitation regime to ensure the best outcome from your procedure will also be provided so that you can maximize your recovery even at home.

Some of the most common surgeries that requires post-operative rehabilitation includes:

  • Shoulder surgery (joint replacement, ligament repairs, fracture management and etc.)
  • Hip surgery (labral repair, joint replacement and etc.)
  • Ankle surgery (ligament repairs and etc.)
  • Foot surgery (bunion and toe surgery and etc.)
  • Spinal surgery (discectomy, fusions and etc.)

Why should i do post-operative rehabilitation?

Benefits of post-operative rehabilitation include:

  • Restoring optimal mobility
  • Compensation for any functional loss
  • Decreased swelling following any initial injury
  • Increased joint of motion prior to surgery
  • Strengthening disused and weakened muscles
  • Restoring normal movement habits

Ready to Experience Post-Operative Rehabilitation with Our Experts at TAP?

Our specialists in post-operative rehabilitation will provide you with a one-to-one treatment session to closely monitor your progress. Our therapists will also design an individually tailored treatment to optimize your recovery, in order to resume your prior physical level in the shortest time. Your physical therapist and surgeon will be in close communication following your surgery, in order to ensure that your recovery back to full health and fitness is as smooth and as soon as possible.

It is helpful that you schedule your first post-operative rehabilitation visit before your surgery to ensure that you are seen in a timely manner and to familiarize with the exercises that you will be engaging in immediately post-surgery.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our physical therapists, and let us address your problems. Your complete recovery after an injury or surgery can become a reality with us at TAP!