not getting stronger

Do you feel like you practically live in your fitness center, but you are not getting the results you want? This one is for you. Putting in the work and not being able to gain more strength you are expecting can be quite frustrating. When it comes to fitness, it does not matter who you are, but you have to understand that the journey is never linear. Despite not making any changes to your training regimen or diet, there will be times where you will set new PRs and hit your numbers, while other times you may not achieve your goals. If you are on a journey to gain more strength, the following reasons may be why strength training may not be producing the results you are looking for.

Training, But Not Actually Training

Reason number one that you may be working out but not getting stronger is stimulus. There is a difference between showing up in your fitness center and train and actually training. Just because you are going through the motions cannot be equated as training with intent. Even when you have the correct form, you need to properly stress the system to manifest strength. Strength training to build muscles has to be stressful enough and heavy enough for one to achieve their goals. A professional trainer can help you to accomplish this while maintaining positions and postures that are safe.

Repeating The Same Old

As mentioned earlier, the fitness journey is never linear. Strength exercises that may seem effective now may not be as effective later. In your strength building journey, you will find out that what worked in the beginning may not continue to work in the middle or at the end. Working with professional trainers will help you find the stimulus that is required to drive strength adaptation. This natural phenomenon is known as accommodation. Some of the strategies used include use of de-load periods to help maintain training intensities.

Setting Unrealistic Goals

Do you know that setting a fitness goal alone will not help you achieve the results you desire? Having the correct mental approach is just as important as physical training. You need to develop a training plan to reach your goals as well as set realistic expectations when it comes to failure and the effects of failure. As you set realistic expectations, you need to have an accurate training plan to prevent you from chasing a lofty goal.

Draining Yourself Mentally

Do you have an emotional attachment to your training numbers? This can cause a mental drain. There are times one may not be as driven or motivated. How do you keep strength training engaging? Don’t allow yourself to be bogged down about hitting specific numbers. Instead, mix things up to keep a fresh perspective.

Not Being Honest With Yourself

You need to look within to find the real answers as to why you are not getting stronger. Try to find out what is the source of your motivation. Being both honest and cognizant with yourself is key. Ask yourself, am I really putting in the work? Am I not focusing on my weaknesses because it is easier to work on what am already good at? As a professional athlete, you need to understand that you cannot afford to only train where your preferences are. In order to overcome common pitfalls like over-training and poor compliance, you need to cultivate excellent self-awareness.

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