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It is normal to experience general fatigue after giving birth and this can be a real problem for professional sportswomen looking to get back in training. Immediately after giving birth, it’s usually hard for a young mother to find balance between family life, care for the baby and exercise.

For women who are looking to go back to sports training, there are a lot of preparations that have to be put in place has to find a baby sitter, ensure that the baby’s needs are met at all times and also ensure that you have enough time to exercise.

One way to ensure that you have a successful transition back to sports training is to understand the current state of your body to allow you to safely train. You don’t have to do this alone. You can find sports trainers to help you through your training regime safely.

Understanding Your Body After Giving Birth

The body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy. The hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy cause muscles to become laxer which throws the pelvis and lower torso out of balance. The ligaments, tendons and muscles involved in pregnancy become overstretched.

This is why after birth, the body needs to recuperate and regenerate. The first six weeks after birth are the most sensitive and one needs to start with gentle exercises. These exercises help to strengthen the pelvic floor.

A few weeks later, you can start doing the recovery exercises. To avoid doing the wrong recovery exercises, you need to work with a sports medicine specialist to take you through injury prevention training. Over time, the core of the body is brought back to its original state. Once the pelvic floor is strengthened and the tammy gap has closed, training can be intensified.

After Recovery

Once the body recovers fully after childbirth, one needs more targeted exercises that are more intense to address the problem areas. However, one needs to avoid over training not to put excessive strain on the body. The training should commence slowly and progress gradually with time. When you work with an experienced sports trainer, you get to work your entire body in a balanced way to ensure you get back to your sporting days soon.

Training After Pregnancy

Training after pregnancy has many benefits some of which include:

  • Promotes good posture
  • Promotes inner balance and positive mood
  • Energizes one to face the new family life
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Helps return the muscle corset and pelvic floor to their original state
  • Helps melt away the excessive pregnancy fat
  • Shapes the body
  • Increases the sense of well-being

Get Professional Help

At Train Away Pain, we have sports medicine practitioners who can provide detailed exercise prescriptions to help women restart sports training after pregnancy. Through our thoughtful methods of training, we help women prevent sports injury and utilize functional training to enhance their fitness potential. Our programs are customized and adjusted depending on sport or goals of a client’s specific need to ensure that you reach the highest functioning levels. Our fitness experts work tirelessly to remove any physical obstacles that may limit a patient from reaching his or her goals. Talk to us today and find out more!

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