What is sports injury rehabilitation?

Athletes are prone to injuries, especially during training or sporting events, due to the excessive wear and tear associated with the demands of the sports engaged. Sports injuries are defined as injuries involving the musculoskeletal system which consists of the tissues, muscles, cartilage, and bones. Rehabilitation is as important as treatment following any injury; it is a restoration process of one’s fitness and ability in doing an activity involving power, endurance, strength and flexibility. The aim of a rehabilitation program is to regain the pre-injury levels in all aspects of physical fitness.

How does sports injury rehabilitation work?

A sports injury rehabilitation program starts with an assessment of your injury. Depending on the injury and sport the patient engages in, our physical therapists will discuss and prescribe a comprehensive exercise regime consisting of exercises and stretching routines to improve your mobility, balance, flexibility and strength.

There are 3 recognized stages of rehabilitation, and they are as follows:

  • Early stage rehabilitation – This stage is prone to re-injury as if rehabilitation is rushed, resulting in poor quality healing. It should consist of gentle exercises, allowing the damaged tissues to heal.
  • Mid-stage rehabilitation – This stage allows tensile strength in the bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons to develop progressively, producing healed tissue which is able to withstand the strain of exercise and everyday life.
  • Final stage of rehabilitation – This stage ensures the body is ready to work as the tissues in the body adapts and is stressed using functional drills and exercises.

Why should i do sports injury rehabilitation?

Aside from helping patients regain their physical functions, sports injury rehabilitation has also been found to benefit patients in the following ways:

  • Increased cell metabolism
  • Increased lymphatic drainage
  • Relief of spasms
  • Increased extensibility of connective tissues
  • Restoration of correct joint functions
  • Strengthening of weak muscles
  • Increased stretching of tight muscles
  • Minimizing the risks of future injuries
  • Improving your flexibility and coordination
  • Maintaining cardiovascular fitness while you are out of sports

Ready to Experience Sports Injury Rehabilitation with Our Experts at TAP?

TAP provides a patient-centered rehabilitation program to ensure that we are targeting your specific injury and generating the most direct path to recovery. We aim to also improve your proprioception, flexibility, and balance or other sports-specific and functional exercises to pre-injury levels or better.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our physical therapists, and let us address your problems. Your complete recovery after an injury or surgery can become a reality with us at TAP!