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Many of us have been there before. Committing to a workout routine that is supposed to happen after your work day but you never got around to it. However, you made up for it with those weekend fitness sessions. In fact, 2 – 4% of Americans are weekend warriors. But, if you are a self-proclaimed weekend warrior, does it really do any good to your fitness level or health status if you are just exercising during the weekends?

The Good News

Based on research conducted, there is a similarity between people who exercised more than three times a week and people who exercised during the weekends through either one or two sessions. That similarity is better health so medical experts have weighed in that weekend warriors are benefitting just as well as those who are exercising regularly throughout the week.

Of course, while the term focuses highly on the word “weekend” – you don’t technically have to only exercise on Saturday and Sunday to yield the benefits. The key here is to at least put in 75 minutes of vigorous exercise time or 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise time – through either one or two sessions – in the week.

The Bad News

Don’t celebrate too early, weekend warriors, because the bad news is that when you try to pack your fitness routines into one or two sessions for the week, it is also highly likely that you are more prone to injury. People who have limited time for exercising may tend to push themselves too hard during the weekend compared to those who are spreading out their exercising time throughout the week. Common injuries sustained for weekend warriors include fractures and strains.

How to Tackle Fitness Routines as a Weekend Warrior

Well, it can still be a win-win situation for you, if you belong to the weekend warrior clan. Here are some tips for you:

  • Perform adequate warm-up before your exercise
  • Don’t overdo it when you are exercising and remember your fitness limitations
  • Ease into intense workouts slowly
  • Do stretching throughout the week to prepare for your weekend fitness routines
  • Try group training that give a strong focus to injury prevention
  • Go for High Intensity Interval Training routines
  • Perform adequate warm-down after your exercise
  • Ensure that you allow for excellent post-workout recovery

All in all, there are always health benefits to gain, even if you only have time for one exercising session during the week. However, you should always bear tips such as those mentioned earlier in mind as well as cultivate the right thinking when you only have limited time for exercises per week.

Case in point: Susan goes all out during her weekends for her fitness routines and think that this makes up for all her Netflix and unhealthy eating during the week days.

Essentially, this isn’t going to be an ideal situation because it creates negative balance and you will not be able to yield the best health benefits from your fitness sessions. What you need to remember is: Do it less BUT do it smart and right!

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