fitness trends in 2020

This year presents another chance for people with body pains to have a new painless life through exercises. Pain relief exercises depend on the body part that aches. Fitness programs like strength training help athletes who have sustained injuries to continue working out without causing more harm, helping them to become stronger and better. The following are some of the best workout routines that you can adopt in 2020.


Stretches are the easiest and simplest form of exercise where you can never go wrong. Stretches are quite effective as not only do they help in relieving pain but also help in preventing muscle injuries. Here are some examples

  • Quad stretches. one achieves this stretch by standing upright, bending one leg back grabbing the top of that foot and bringing it close to your butt. This is for people with back thigh pains.
  • Chest and shoulder stretch. In this case, one should stand upright, sit on a surface so that your legs are at a 90-degree angle. Have your hands clasped behind your back so that the arms are extended behind you. Like the name, this is for people with shoulder and chest muscle pains.
  • Tricep stretch. To achieve this, lift your arms straight sideways and outwards making

your thumbs up. Have both hands rotate. This stretches the triceps and recommended for people experiencing tricep muscle pains.

  • Side stretch. In this case, raise your arms while standing upright then clasp your hands together. Push your hands up and then sideways.

Hot or Cold Therapy for Low Back Pain

Cold and hot packs may help ease the pain. The soothing relief of hot baths helps in expanding and relaxing the tissue muscle. The dulling relief from ice packs on the hand helps in contracting muscles. This contracting and expansion of muscle tissue help in reducing pain through relaxing nerves. People with acute or chronic pain should try this to start.


From Swedish massages to Aromatherapy massage, massages help in reducing muscle tension and pain. Sports massage helps to relax very tight sore muscles or soothe muscle aches. The advantage of massages is that simple back rubs do not require professional skills. You can have somebody perform them in the comfort of your home.


Squats are a lower-body exercise that mainly target the thighs i.e. quadriceps and hamstrings. One can choose to do the full upper bodyweight version also known as air squats. You can use dumbells to increase your upper body weight for effective results. It is worth noting that in order to pull it off, ankle mobility, strong back muscles and calve muscles and core strength play the most important role. All this can help to reduce pains in the thighs.

 Wall Push-Ups

This is the simplest form of exercise where one only needs to lean on a stable structure like a wall while having his or her palms support the body on the wall. These push-ups will strengthen your, chest and shoulders. Slowly breathe in, bend your elbows and lower the upper body toward the wall. One advantage of this exercise is that you don’t have to prepare for this exercise. One can do it whenever and wherever. It is useful in reducing back pains and arm pains.

Whether you have made a new resolution to start working out this year or you are a professional sports person, you need to ensure that you apply fitness routines that will give you the best results. It is recommend that you work with a professional trainer who will not only advice you on the best workout routines, but also help you train in a safe way to avoid injuries.

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