For every hardworking fitness devotee out there, there will always come a time when you feel that you have trained hard but the results of your training are not up to your expectations. To be honest, this is such a common phenomenon seen in gyms everywhere.

Whether you are training to recover from your old hamstring injury, training to lose weight, or highly focused on sports specific training, it is possible that you end up being frustrated when you don’t see the results of all that shed sweat and exercise repetitions.

The truth is, have you sat down and think carefully if you are letting other factors get in your way of achieving the best results from your training endeavors? Are bad habits hampering your way to training success? Here is a look at some of the reasons why your training show unsatisfactory results, even if you are sure that you worked hard in the gym:

Frequency of Your Training

You may have a really busy schedule and can only find time to train once a week. To be honest, this training frequency is not going to deliver the best results, even if you spend half a day at the gym on that “special exercise day” that you are proud of. While high intensity training can lead to a burn-out, low training frequency can deliver a near-zero result. You’ll need to train at least three times a week in order to get your body tuned to deliver successful training results. On the other hand, training too often isn’t going to give you better dividends on training results either. This is because over-training will prevent your muscles to recover properly, and will not maximize on what your body can actually achieve for functional fitness.

Your Dietary Choices

Worked hard at the gym but first thing you do after your training is to chomp down on burgers and gulp down milk shakes? It will never work out if you make poor dietary choices and prevent your body from getting the proper nutrition it needs. Remember to include more lean meat, vegetables, and fruits into your diet. If you switch to a diet that features all the rich nutritional foods to support your training efforts, it is guaranteed that you will see swift results, in as short as a few weeks.

Your Lifestyle Habits

I have once met a student at one of the functional training classes who worked really hard during the training sessions. I was a little confused when it seems that despite his efforts, he didn’t manage to reach his fitness goals. However, I found out that he was a heavy smoker, and he went clubbing every weekend. Plus he is an occasional drug user. After I told him that bad lifestyle habits will hamper his progress in his training, it took him nearly two years to change his lifestyle, and within a month, he was performing better, achieving more fitness goals, and generally feeling healthier.

Your Fitness Program

Not every fitness program is equal out there. If you are not using a well-designed fitness program that addresses your fitness needs, it is hard to maximize the results you can get from it. Perhaps you are looking to achieve an all-rounded performance in strength, balance, flexibility, and more but if you only focus on lifting weights for every training session – that is not going to give you what you seek. It is best to consult a trainer who can customize a training program based on your specific needs so that you can make the most of your training efforts.

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