What are TRX rehabilitation classes?

TRX rehabilitation classes are versatile and scalable to any level of fitness. Such a rehabilitation class is a suspension training rehabilitative session which gives one the ability to develop joint stability, strength, and mobility in multiple planes of motion, within the same piece of equipment. TRX leverages on gravity and one’s body weight, manipulating the user’s base of support. TRX can be used as a de-weighting device for lower extremity rehabilitation as it allows for partial weight-bearing exercises in the early phases of rehabilitation. It can also work as a safety device as you progress to doing full weight-bearing exercise.

How do TRX rehabilitation classes work?

TRX rehabilitation classes are conducted at a controlled and slow pace, allowing clients to engage their slow twitch muscle fibers in order to improve their muscular endurance. Due to their suspended nature, the exercises reduce impacts and stress on joints which is beneficial for rehabilitation as this reduces the risks of aggravating existing injury. TRX rehabilitation is flexible and allows the trainer to modify the difficulty of the exercise, so that we can quickly and easily cater to the different physical level and needs of every client.

Why should i do TRX rehabilitation classes?

TRX rehabilitation classes can be set up easily even in limited space due to the lightweight and portable training tools, which means you can also practice the efficient rehabilitation exercises at home too. As the rehabilitation techniques are designed to intentionally displace your center of gravity, this gives the user an added stability for injury prevention and speeded recovery. Some of the benefits in TRX rehabilitation exercises are consolidated below:

  • Develops the flexibility of muscles and sense of balance
  • Joints can be used without weight on them due to the suspensions
  • Difficulty level of the exercise can be modified according to individual’s fitness level
  • Develops the core muscles
  • Improves stability of the body
  • Reduces the risk of aggravating injury

TRX rehabilitation classes are recommended for everyone, especially:

  • Sufferers of spine-related pain
  • Overweight clients
  • Clients who wants to develop strong core muscles
  • In the phase of rehabilitation and targeted workout can be done to rehabilitate joints

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