Originating from the phrase “Total-Body Resistance Exercise,” TRX suspension training is more than just toying around with two pieces of suspension straps. While the first concept that comes to mind is fun, we assure you that the benefits of TRX suspension training are plentiful and far-reaching beyond just sheer fun. Today, TRX suspension training in Connecticut is enjoying a bloom in popularity and here’s a look at why this phenomenon is here to stay.


Just like many things in life, when we find that a certain activity is hard to do, we will often give up before we even get to talk about basic mastery. Fortunately, when it comes to TRX suspension training, the learning curve is not steep at all. Beginners will find it relatively easy to get into a TRX training routine while having lots of room to alter the level of training difficulty according to one’s fitness capability. Because TRX training puts the user in the control seat, it allows time for any beginner to this form of training to master the TRX exercises.


While certain training systems favor athletes, the good news is that TRX suspension training does not discriminate based on fitness levels. Whether you are a senior or a teenager, you can discover the amazing potential of TRX suspension training for a wide range of applications. And whether you are a fitness fanatic or a weekend warrior, you can tackle TRX suspension training just as efficiently.

All-Rounded Training

Not only does it allow you to build muscles, you can also work on strength training or endurance training with it. In fact, it is arguably the best-in-class full body workout system out there today. TRX exercise are known for many of its cardio moves yet highly proficient in engaging different parts of your body during the training.

TRX exercises

Tons Of Variety with Just Two TRX Straps

If you have attended a TRX suspension training session before, you will be amazed by the wide variety of exercise routines you can get from just those two suspension straps. From upper body resistance exercise to lunges and more, you will never have to get bored like how we feel during those mundane weight lifting days.

Where Can You Try TRX Suspension Training In Connecticut?

Now, if you are sold on the idea of trying TRX suspension training in Connecticut, then one of the best places for you to get started is at Train Away Pain. Our trainers specialize in TRX exercises and can help you make the most of them – regardless whether you are seeking performance training or physical therapy with this training system. We understand just how important it is to create a training routine with the TRX system based on every individual’s training ability and fitness level. You’ll never have to worry about joining a group fitness training program that’s a cookie cutter solution. Talk to us today and find out what we can do for you when it comes to TRX suspension training in Connecticut!

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