forefoot strike patterns

Forefoot strike pattern is one of the various running techniques used by athletes or anybody who loves to run as observed by training experts. Apart from forefoot strike there’s also heel striking and mid foot striking. Forefoot strike patterns nowadays is applied as a form of injury treatment. Recent research showed that teaching and practicing the running pattern helped to reduce pain and any disability that was linked with Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome (CECS). CECS is the condition whereby there is immense pressure exerted in the neurovascular structures as well as the muscles that are bound by fascia and bone, causing a lot of pain and sometimes disability in the lower part of the leg. This condition can be controlled and treated using the Forefoot Strike Pattern.

Characteristics of Forefoot Strike Pattern

  • There is decreased ground contact time
  • Increase in number of steps taken per minute.
  • It reduces the heart rate
  • Less ground reaction force used.
  • Optimal for barefoot running.
  • Experts recommend it as a way of reducing running related injuries.

As listed above, the characteristics shows how forefoot strike technique can help prevent as well as manage injuries.

What It Entails

There are several running styles other than Forefoot Strike Pattern. These include:

  • Pose Running
  • Barefoot Running
  • Chi Running
  • Evolution Running

Train Away Pain believes that despite the various forms of foot striking patterns, they all have one trait in common. They all seem to originate from the mid to the fore part of the foot hence the forefoot strike.

Why Do Forefoot Strike Patterns?

Judging by the high statistics that rear foot runners tend to have continual stress injuries, many doctors have advised athletes or runners to shift to the Forefoot Strike Pattern as an alternative way of treatment. Front foot running generally sends less shockwaves as compared to when one hits the ground with the heels. Thus the connective tissues as well as the muscles on one’s ankles, hips and knees get to endure fewer injuries. Forefoot Strike Pattern also helps to enhance speed, normally when one wants to run much faster, they tend to shift to the forefoot striking technique. Researchers have observed that athletes who ran much quicker than the rest, ran using the forefoot strike pattern. This is mainly because the foot tends to spend less time on the ground.

 Doctors and experts advise athletes or people who love to exercise through jogging or running to enroll into specialized training programsso asto getall the necessary, correct and sufficient treatment as well as advise that they might be in need of.

Exercise prescription as the experts call it, is suitable for any client or patient who is in need of attaining any fitness goals. Since there is more than one type of foot striking techniques, one may need to shift between either of them depending on the kind of exercise that he or she is involved in. It might be more than tricky doing it singularly mainly because of the probability of muscle or tissue damage. Therefore, the need of enrolling into a program that offers or supports exercise prescription such as the ones that are offered by Train Away Pain is recommended.

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