TRX training

TRX training stands for Total-Body Resistance Exercise and basically replaces the use of exercise machines or weights (dumbbells) by using your own body and a couple of TRX suspension straps. A powerful core and cardio workout can be achieved through the use of the TRX training system. This workout can effectively build strength, power, and endurance. Best of all, this workout adapts itself to the individual’s level of endurance, fitness, and training. Before you sign up for TRX rehab classes, here’s a little primer on it:

How Should You Train?

In addition to your regular schedule of full workouts remember this: Even on your “Days of Rest” a controlled, slow, low impact but full body workout lasting 30 to 45 minutes based on TRX methods should be done. (These rest days can be as many as 3/week, or as few as one per week.) This will help you to make the most of your TRX training program.

The Versatility of TRX

Depending on your level of strength or fitness experience this training method will allow you to control each exercise’s intensity and work out every single body muscle. And best of all, you control the intensity. Partial weight bearing exercises help to reduce and minimize the stress on your joints. Eventually, more weight-bearing exercises will be achievable. All of this will be done with the same small piece of equipment thanks to the program’s versatility.

Building Strength with TRX

The reason that this exercise program is particularly useful in rehabilitation is that due to a certain level of instability during the exercise, not only the weaker muscles but the stronger muscles around them all work together to re-stabilize your body. You’re not just working the weak muscle. You’re not just working the strong muscles. You’re working everything at the same time. For example, if a problem exists in your lower back, by strengthening your ab muscles (and as a result, your entire core), your back muscles are inevitably strengthened.

What’s So Different About This Workout?

This training program answers a basic question: “What’s my motivation?”. Well, to be blunt, your motivation is basically not falling your face. The word suspension in “suspension straps” means exactly that. You are suspended from not hitting the floor. Yet because you are standing on the floor, and not on some unstable piece of machinery, you feel more supported. You feel stronger. You’re going to use more muscles during these exercises and those muscles will develop ‘muscle memory’. That muscle memory will help you to perform more exercises as time goes on.

Why Is This a Preferred Sports Injury Rehab Method?

The last thing you want to do when rehabbing an injury is re-injure or further injure the affected area, or those surrounding it. It is for this reason that the TRX training method is used for sports rehabilitation. A slow, controlled pace is one of the key factors in executing the proper techniques of this training regime. And as referenced earlier, the muscles around the affected muscle will be worked out at the same time and help to support the injured area while still allowing the affected area to improve through just the right amount of exertion.

If you’re going to give TRX training a try, why not achieve the most dynamic results possible by working with one of our proficient trainers here at Train Away Pain? This is, after all, not a one-size-fits-all program. But with the right guidance, you too can benefit from TRX training customized to your fitness abilities.

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