TRX suspension exercises

Sprinters are always on the go. Their goal is to run the given distance within a limited amount of time. In order to achieve that, they need to be precise with their every movement. They have to develop their strength, increase their flexibility, and boost their power. If you are a sprinter, you will be able to achieve all this through performance training and by using the TRX Suspension Trainer, a versatile piece of equipment that allows you to perform a variety of suspension exercises. Among the TRX suspension training exercises that you can do with this equipment if you are a sprinter are the following:

Hamstring Runner

This TRX exercise is very important if you want to work out your core and challenge your precision in terms of rotation. Put the TRX Trainer’s straps at mid-calf length then proceed to facing the anchor point. Position yourself such that you lie on your back while your heels are placed in the foot cradles. Make sure that there is even pressure in your heels and that you engage your glutes and core with your hips lifted as you exercise. Drag your right heel instead of bending your knees to ensure that the straps stay in position. Straighten your leg while making sure that a tight core is maintained. Even pressure must be applied on the opposite heel.

Forward Lunge

Forward lunges are important in making sure that you improve or at least maintain your stride length for more efficient running times. Using the trainer with this exercise, begin by standing as you face the anchor point with your feet are apart by a shoulder’s width. Extend your arms forward at shoulder level. Begin lunging forward with your right feet while your arms are raised to form the letter ‘Y’. Make sure that the hips are square, and your back leg is straight. Squeeze your left leg’s glute while dropping your left arm to the ground and your right arm aims at reaching for the sky. Do the same thing with your left foot. Side-to-side lunges as well as cross balance lunges can also be done.


Planking is an exercise that is essential in ensuring that you attain the right posture, and improve your endurance. This helps in injury prevention too while improving overall strength. On your TRX, you simply need to place the straps at mid-calf length, with you facing away from the anchor point. Lie on your stomach with your toes placed in the foot cradles. Make sure the toes are pointed toward your nose while your elbows are found below your shoulders. Pulling your shoulder blades to your back pockets, you should also squeeze your glutes and quads. Hold that position for up to 30 seconds or for as long as you can.

Torso Rotation

This exercise aims at controlling and producing rotation. Setting the straps of the Trainer to mid-length, simply hold onto the handles at the center of your chest. Stand such that you are sideways to the anchor point. Point the foot closest to the anchor point forward while allowing your body to rotate moving to the anchor point. Extend your arms while ensuring that the spine is lengthened. You can now rotate your body back to the anchor point.

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