shoulder sports injuries

When it comes to playing sports, shoulder injuries are very common. This is because the shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body, making it prone to injury. Athletes tax their shoulders over time with repetitive, overhead movements and this makes them more vulnerable and at a higher risk of getting shoulder injuries.

Whether you are a professional athlete, or simply love the sport as a recreational activity, it is advisable to understand what kinds of shoulder sports injuries you can get so that you can safeguard against them. The most common sports related shoulder injuries include:


Dislocation happens when the arm bone connected to the shoulder blade pops out of its natural place. This type of injury is common to sports people who require involving too much movement of the upper body. Athletes sometimes fall on their shoulders and if the fall is sudden and forceful, one may end up dislocating his shoulder. This type of injury is painful and can cause swelling and deformity. Without proper treatment and care, a dislocated shoulder can get worse with time and eventually the athlete may find it hard to participate in sports.

Rotator Cuff Injuries

The shoulder consists of tendons and muscles that work together with the shoulder bones to allow easy movement. The rotator cuff injury takes place when one or more muscles and their tendons get damaged. This type of injury mostly happens when someone gets involved in a forceful accident such as falling. It can also happen when lifting very heavy items or after a blunt force application. Effects of rotator cuff injury include extreme pain, weakness in the shoulder and tenderness.


Also known as swimmer’s shoulder, impingement happens when the tendons of rotator cuff rub excessively against the shoulder blade. This type of injury is common in sports that involve repetitive over-the-head arm movements. Symptoms include pain and inflammation in the shoulders. This is a serious injury and if left untreated, it can lead to other serious injuries.


Fracture injuries are common. A shoulder fracture happens after the shoulder bone is put under intense pressure until it breaks. This injury often happens at the glenoid cavity of the shoulder blade or at the end of the upper arm bone (humerus). Fractures are common among athletes after a forceful fall. Common symptoms of a fractured shoulder include difficulty moving the shoulder, discoloration around the shoulder, swelling and intense pain. Sometimes a bad fracture will cause the shoulder to appear deformed.

How To Train Away The Pain After A Shoulder Injury

If you have had a shoulder injury that has healed, but still feel some level of pain while training, you need to find a workout routine that can help you get past it. Good replacement exercises like functional training can help you move better and help prevent future shoulder injuries. To get back to your normal self, you need to work with sports physicians who can help you through non-invasive treatment to enhance your range of motion, strength and flexibility.

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