Bursting with energy and constantly pushing their fitness limitations, high school athletes are at their prime stage of development. Do you know that high school athletes are exposed to injuries at similar rates compared to professional athletes? Even though they share similar injury rates, the injuries that affect them are often different from those that affect adult athletes.

Injuries among the young adults often fall into two main categories, namely acute injuries and overuse injuries. Acute injuries are a result of sudden trauma while overuse injuries occur gradually overtime. Therefore, it is vital that high school athletes learn the proper techniques used in their sport or training and learn about effective injury prevention to reduce the risk of chronic conditions in the future.

Sports Medicine

Sport chiropractic offers the diagnosis and treatment of sports related injury, aimed to improve your neuromuscular and biomechanical functions and to enhance your performance. TAP offers many different sports medicine treatments to meet the different needs and requirements of every individual client, youth athletes included. Our specialists in TAP are also equipped with sound knowledge base of return-to-play criteria to ensure that our clients are in the best physical condition before resuming the sport.

Physical Therapy

It is essential for high school athletes to seek medical attention when they suffered any injuries, so do not downplay your syndrome just to continue playing as untreated injuries could lead to permanent damage or disability. Physical therapy and rehabilitation programs are offered at TAP. High school athletes should ensure and maintain a healthy physique before resuming any rigorous activities to prevent re-injuries.

Performance Training

Aspiring youth athletes who want to maximize their performance can check out the performance training programs offered at TAP. Training programs such as sports specific training and injury prevention training seek to enhance performance in a specific sport and educate athletes on injury prevention. Join our specialists in TAP as they maximize your performance, helping you make breakthrough in your competitive sports.

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