The stress and fitness expectations showered upon professional athletes are extremely demanding. Be it a friendly match or an important game during a championship series, your fitness performance on the pitch can determine the longevity and successful of your sports career. We fully understand that professional athletes need more than just a single program niche at TAP, and that’s why we are ready to offer integrated services for pro athletes by our superb team of sports physicians, therapists, and trainers.

Sports Medicine

There are numerous advantages of sports medicine, especially for professional athletes. From football players to hockey player to swimmers, chiropractic offers various techniques to relief physical conditions, enhancing their performance especially in strength, power and range of motion. The techniques that TAP offers include the Graston Technique, joint manipulation, and Active Isolation Stretching. Sports medicine offers a drug-free and natural alternative to rehabilitate and enhancing performance by maintaining and improving the body’s strength, endurance and range of motion. For many professional athletes such as Phil Mickelson and Vernon Davis, it is not hard to see why these elite athletes see sports medicine as a vital part of their overall well-being.

Physical Therapy

Every athlete is bound to suffer injuries, be it a traumatic or an overuse injury. It is essential that professional athlete receive proper treatment and ensure full recovery before returning to play. TAP offers effective rehabilitation focusing on different injuries, utilizing different techniques to cater to specific needs. Rehabilitative treatments such as sports injury rehabilitation and TRX rehabilitation can help the professional athlete to maintain the needed exercise while encouraging progress for aided recovery.

Performance Training

Performance training programs conducted by TAP include injury prevention training, fascial regeneration therapy, exercise prescriptions, sports specific training, TRX suspension training and Train Away Pain. These training programs aim to boost and maximize your performance while creating greater flexibility in your body to decrease the possibility of injury. As a professional athlete, you are challenged to take your fitness abilities to the next level in every training session with us.

Are You Ready To Kill Pain & Boost Your Fitness with Our Experts In TAP?

With clinically proven benefits to help you improve and enhance your strength, speed, flexibility, range of movement and endurance, TAP offers you the best integrated support from physical therapist specialists to accredited sports chiropractors, and elite performance trainers. Being physically and mentally ready to take on your sport challenges will give you a competitive edge to enjoy a productive career.

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