As our body matures along with our age, it is encouraged for us to stay active for a healthier lifestyle. Senior citizens are found to have lower tolerance to injuries and require longer repair time, partly due to the decrease in muscle mass. There are profound effects of exercise on a senior’s overall well-being and vitality. TAP offers many programs and therapies that are senior-friendly, and we do not compromise your safety for the results of the workouts. In fact, we will help you to achieve maximum fitness performance, gain the required strength and endurance while minimizing pain that come with the ageing factor.

Sports Chiropractic

Sports chiropractic addresses and improves the quality of lives, especially for senior adults. One of the leading problems that senior adults face are injuries sustained from falls which affects their musculoskeletal system. It is also common for seniors to experience injuries when working out improperly. Our sports chiropractic specialists can assist to improve the different physical conditions for you to stay highly functioning. Some programs offered by TAP include sports injury prevention, functional training, and Active Release Techniques that may be highly beneficial for the senior adults.

Physical Therapy

Because of the propensity to suffer injuries while requiring a longer and more complicated recovery period, seniors can benefit from our physical therapy services to treat injuries and avoid re-injury. Some seniors also have to deal with unexpected surgeries, and what TAP can do is to help you regain your function in the most effective way. At TAP, we offer diversified therapy programs that can assist with the rehabilitation of different injury types. We practice a client-first approach and always put your well-being first. Whether you require post-operative rehabilitation therapy, upper extremity therapy or fascial therapy, let our team of physical therapists help you make a successful recovery.

Performance Training

For the highly functioning senior adults who want to enhance their performance in sports or any other fitness activity, we have training programs such as TRX suspension training, Train Away Pain and injury prevention training that can be catered to your fitness level. These training programs can help to keep you at a peak level of fitness while conditioning your body to cope with the demands of your active lifestyle.

Are You Ready To Kill Pain & Boost Your Fitness with Our Experts At TAP?

Many seniors think that it’s not possible for them to keep up with the active lifestyles they led earlier. This is far from the truth as you have so many role models that prove that age is truly just a number. At TAP, we have a team of specialists who tailor the training and therapy for every individual to ensure that the best outcomes are achieved. The exercises that are planned for you will match your fitness level, so you never have to worry about not keeping up.

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