Many parents are encouraging their child to participate in sports and fitness activities at a tender age, in a bid to promote healthy lifestyles and promote early development in athletic skills. Being physically active can simply means exercising, and this can bring about numerous benefits to children. Examples of the benefits include:

  • Lower the risk of being overweight
  • Better outlook on life
  • Develop stronger bones and muscles
  • Lower blood cholesterol and pressure

Parents have also recognized the need for treatment against congenital diseases at a young age as it increases the chance of recovery. At TAP, we offer a variety of rehabilitative and sports medicine programs as well as performance training to correct certain physical conditions and enhance your performance respectively.

Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is proven to be effective for backaches, headaches, injuries and correcting physical disorders without the use of drugs. Techniques such as joint manipulation, active release techniques and sports injury prevention are painless way to improve physical conditions for children. It is especially beneficial for children who are afraid of pain, as these programs can help to correct their physical disorders without traumatizing them with painful correction techniques or medicine.

Physical Therapy

Being curiously active, children enjoy exploring and challenging their boundaries. They might not be particularly alert or conscious of their limitations, thus making them vulnerable to injuries. We offer a range of rehabilitation programs from sports injury rehabilitation to TRX rehabilitation classes that can be customized to match your child’s fitness ability. Our specialists at TAP will assess every child thoroughly before prescribing treatment so that your child can recover from an injury or surgery better.

Performance Training

For the young aspiring athletes or parents who see the need to boost their child’s athletic performance, our performance training programs can be invaluable to unlocking better fitness performance from your child. From Train Away Pain to sports specific training, be assured your child will be working out in an innovative manner while pushing their limits safely to improve their performance.

Are You Ready To Kill Pain & Boost Your Fitness with Our Experts In TAP?

Whether you are seeking physical therapy or sport chiropractic treatment for your child or want to enroll your child for our performance training programs, you can rest assured that the well-being of your child is our top priority. For training sessions, parents are allowed to accompany their children (though optional) so that you can also help to facilitate their fitness development.

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